Does the baby's flat head affect a lifetime? How to solve


Children’s pillows are of great significance to children’s spine development. Generally speaking, when a child learns to raise his head in about 3 months, the spine and neck will show a forward physical curvature. It is better to start using a pillow at this time to maintain this physical curvature and maintain a comfortable posture. Children’s pillows should be moderately hard and soft. Choosing a suitable pillow for children is of great significance to the healthy development of children, especially the development of the spine.

If you are too worried about your baby's unsightly head shape, you can consider wearing a corrective helmet for treatment. At present, there is controversy about the use of helmets in the medical community, because there is no clear evidence that helmets are much more effective than the above methods. In addition, the corrective helmet is expensive, but it can be considered if conditions permit. Some users report that the effect is good. In fact, the more likely reason is that the helmet is mainly used to pay more attention to the head shape, and usually pay attention to adjustments. So as to shape a good head shape.Children’s helmets are also sold on superboris, you can also go to the website to see.

At 3 to 6 months, the baby starts to learn to look up. At this stage, the neck of the baby's spine appears convex to the front of the neck. This is the best period for the development of the baby's neck spine. The height of the pillow used is about 2 to 3 cm, and the height under the neck is about 1.5-2 cm. One more thing I want to tell everyone is that there is no shortcut for a round head. The stereotyped pillow only helps the baby fix the sleeping position. Parents still need to help the baby turn over and complete the sleeping position alternate.

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The pillow core is filled with memory foam + bamboo charcoal, and the pillowcase is made of class A knitted cotton. Compared with the previous generation product, it has three shaped grooves, and the size of the grooves can be adjusted freely. The left and right oblique angles of the setting groove for sleeping on the back are treated to prevent suffocation. Pillows composed of high-density knitted cotton pillowcases + memory foam will be more breathable, and the hardness is also appropriate, suitable for babies.


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