How to choose finger toothbrushes for babies?


                     How to choose finger toothbrushes for babies?

1.Infant’s deciduous teeth usually erupt at 6-8 months. Of course, the actual individual is very different. The teeth start to grow at 4 months, and some are born with teeth in their mouths, and some are called The deciduous teeth are delayed, and there are still infants who have not erupted their deciduous teeth for 18 months. Therefore, corresponding health care measures should be taken according to the number of deciduous teeth erupted.

2.Generally, babies born between 0 and 6 months old should take a sip of water with a baby spoon twice a day before the deciduous teeth erupt, so that the oral vestibule and the proper oral cavity, that is, the entire oral cavity can be cleaned; the deciduous teeth have erupted in about 6 months At the time, use gauze toothbrush, gauze finger toothbrush or mother's finger to wrap gauze and moisten the baby with warm water and wipe the baby's deciduous teeth to remove residual milk and other substances attached to the surface of the teeth; after 10 months, after a few deciduous teeth grow out, between adjacent teeth Use gauze to brush the gaps, which can't achieve a thorough cleaning effect. At this time, you should switch to a fingertip silicone toothbrush.

3.When choosing a silicone finger toothbrush, pay attention to: 1. The material is preferably the same as the pacifier. It is non-toxic, odorless, soft and tough, and can be boiled for disinfection. The size of the brush head is generally 1.5-2cm long, 0.8-1cm wide and flexible, and the hair length is about 5mm, which can be brushed to the part between the teeth. 3. The tips of the bristles are smooth and do not harm teeth and gums.

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