Pay attention to these when taking a bath for your baby!

Pay attention to these when taking a bath!

I'm ready to start bathing my baby, so what should I pay attention to when bathing?

1. During the bath, never leave your baby unattended. Plan ahead and put everything you need, and make sure they are within reach of you before you start taking a bath. There are many cases where babies are alone because their parents got up and left to fetch towels.

2. As long as the child is in the bathtub, you must ensure that your hand is always holding him, in case the baby accidentally slips and falls, you can catch him in time.

3. Put enough water in the tub before putting the baby in the tub. Try not to add water when the baby is in the tub, and do not lift or move the tub to prevent the baby from falling down due to bumps.

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4. The temperature of bath water suitable for babies should be between 38-40℃, and the temperature of the water can be seen through the thermometer built into the bathtub. However, SuperBoris once again suggested that it is safer and safer to put the baby in after personally testing the water temperature with the forearm. The reason why the forearm is not the palm is because our forearm is more sensitive to temperature than the palm.

5. If you need to leave the bathroom, be sure to bring your baby. Don't find an older child to look at the baby for you. If your phone rings, just let it ring. If there is a knock on the door, please ignore it.

6. Use towels instead of sponges. Towels are safer, because the sponge is easy to fall off into small pieces, if the baby accidentally swallows it will easily cause suffocation, and the porous sponge is easy to breed harmful bacteria.

7. Empty the water in the bathtub immediately after bathing. Parents must keep in mind that children can drown in less than 3 cm of water. A curious child may return to the bathroom when you are not paying attention.

8. If your family members have not bathed your baby, they must not let them bathe the baby alone, because they are not familiar with the bathing process and the child's body, and it is easy to mess around and cause danger!



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