The baby will have an accident at home! ?


    For parents, the baby can walk independently, of course, extremely happy, but this also means that the "family epic disaster film" has entered a new stage.             

    Turning through the trash can, pulling drawers, opening cabinets, sweeping the floor, closing doors to see the cracks in the door, drilling under the table, pulling plugs, taking advantage of the opportunity to play in the water, and taking anything within his reach, these have become daily tasks in daily life.

    The drama staged. More often, he will run wild like a fledgling "little beast". As adults, we cannot use 100% of our energy every day to pay attention to his every move, so it is necessary to take some protective measures at home in advance.

1.If the corners of the table and wall are sharp, you can try to stick anti-collision strips. At first, our family also posted the corresponding anti-collision strips on the corners of the table, but once, I took my baby to my friend’s house to play. At that time, my friend’s child was already able to walk and was rampant. After being scrupulous, the adult hit the corner of the door in a slightly inattentive space, and finally sewed two stitches on his forehead.

2. Wardrobe|Drawer lock belt. The wardrobe is actually messed up, and it’s a big deal to rearrange. What worries me here is the cabinets and the drawers in the living room, so we all installed locks. The things in the kitchen cabinets are either bowls or all kinds of spices, tools and ingredients. There are abundant species, and of course it is also one of the places where babies like to "troubleshoot". In this sense, it doesn't make sense. In the years when you can only slowly teach and guide, installing locks can further reduce the occurrence of safety hazards.

###For the safety of your baby, before the tragedy occurs, you need to arrange some measures for your home so that your baby can enjoy a happy and happy childhood.

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