The best home "sterilization" method for baby bottles is Drying


The best home "sterilization" method for baby bottles is to dry them.

So how often is the baby bottle cleaned and disinfected? Do I need to use baby bottle cleaners and disinfection every day? So tired! For babies less than three months old, premature babies or babies with weakened immune systems, thorough washing and disinfection is a very important thing.

It is recommended to clean carefully and thoroughly every day to prevent the growth of bacteria; and the disinfection work is basically done every time after drinking. In this case, we still recommend a special disinfection equipment, which is taken and used as needed. 3~6 months, it is recommended to sterilize the baby bottle once a day; baby bottle cleaner does not need to be used every day, it can be used once every few days, everyone depends on the situation, but remember to use a special brush + clean water to clean the dead corner milk stains .

######Cleaning the sponge brush is a very important step. A good bottle cleaning brush can even help you remove %83 of stains and bacteria. Here I recommend this SuperBoris bottle brush, organic sponge material, strong decontamination ability, 6 pieces Disassemble the combination suit and clean the baby bottle in multiple directions.


As for babies over 6 months, generally speaking, the milk stains in the milk bottle can be thoroughly cleaned and stored in a dry and hygienic bottle drying rack. Generally speaking, there is no need to worry too much about daily disinfection and sterilization.Regardless of the breast pump or bottle, keeping it dry after washing can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Do not cover the bottle immediately after brushing, because the humid environment is most likely to breed bacteria. After cleaning, you can hang it on a clean bottle holder with the opening facing down, control the water inside, and wait for the bottle to dry before covering it. Bottle cap.

#####The baby bottle drying rack sold by SuperBoris adopts a unique and novel design of grass mats, which has more storage space and can prevent up to 10 bottles and tableware after testing. The easy-to-clean drip tray at the bottom makes it easier to take care of your baby's health!


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