The choice of bottle pacifier will affect the baby's life


The choice of bottle pacifier will affect the baby's life

There are pacifiers of different shapes and materials on the market. There is currently no research evidence to support that special pacifiers are helpful for some problems such as colic. You may need to try many pacifiers to choose the most suitable one, because it is difficult to get the milk flow rate just right.
1.Test flow rate: Turn the milk bottle with room temperature formula upside down. The milk should drip steadily without forming a small water stream. If the milk bottle needs to be shaken to flow out, it means that the flow rate is too slow. In this way, the baby will easily fall asleep before drinking enough milk. #pacifier#baby bottle

2.It is normal for babies to have some milk on their mouths when they are breastfeeding. Before finding the most ideal pacifier, choose the one with a faster flow rate than a slower one. All pacifiers need to be thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected with a bottle brush or nipple brush. Check the pacifier regularly and replace it regularly. Both silicone and rubber pacifiers are prone to ageing. If the pacifier is cracked, it may be harmful: it may provide a hiding place for bacteria, and the debris may be inhaled or eaten.

It is recommended that mothers observe whether the vents of their baby bottles are unblocked. Some brands have problems with the design. The vent holes are easily blocked, or the vent valve needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure its effect. If it is really a design problem, just abandon it decisively. If it is not a design problem, but the vent is too small, under the premise of ensuring that the baby does not choke the milk, you can consider using a through-hole needle to pass it by yourself, or directly change to a larger pacifier.
3.####Superboris' 3m+ universal flow rate nipple can solve the above problems very effectively. It adopts an exquisite balanced liquid opening design. You don't need to worry about which model and material your baby should use at this stage. This is too cumbersome. ! Don't worry, we have considered for you. The 3m+ nipple flow rate balances many defects and has good versatility.



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