The most comprehensive baby care strategy 1-12 months


With the baby coming into this world, are you still upset because you don't have baby care knowledge? Are you still overwhelmed because the baby is crying loudly but can't find the reason? Don't worry, I will organize for you the most detailed baby care knowledge in history, covering the most detailed collection of 0-12 months, so that you can do everything with ease, even no more insomnia. All knowledge sources come from Chole Kim, a professor of medicine at UCLA. Due to the word limit, I will be divided into four chapters, each chapter covers three months of knowledge, if you want to know the remaining content, please go to:
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①Inoculate hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine within 24 hours.

② Under normal circumstances, newborns will pass meconium within 24 hours. At first, the meconium will be dark green, and it will be almost exhausted within 3 days, and then it will gradually turn into golden yellow. If the baby has a little foam, milk flaps or green stool, don’t worry too much. As long as the baby is feeding normally, the height and weight are increasing.#baby care

③ You can sleep for 16-20 hours a day, but there are also babies who love to cry and sleep less than this time.#baby care

④ Don't let your baby sleep on a pillow, you can put a layer of pure cotton cloth under the baby's head, because newborns are prone to vomiting milk, so change to maintain hygiene when they are dirty.Here I recommend this baby care original 100% cotton towel.(CLICK HERE AND LEARN MORE) The six-layer muslin fabric gives it excellent comfort and perfect multi-functional use. You can use it as a burp cloth, sleeping pad, or even as a sleeping pad. To use towels, in order to let many children use better supplies,and  I contacted the manager of this brand and got some limited discount codes:MUSLIN so that you can get 15%off.#baby care#SuperBoris


⑤Pure breastfeeding can not feed water for 6 months (but the weather is hot, there is more water loss, and oliguria appears yellow, you can add some water appropriately, but do not affect the amount of breast milk). Baby care Artificial feeding, because milk powder has high energy density and relatively little water, water needs to be fed between meals. Parents should pay attention to changes in the baby's urination volume and supplement appropriately.#baby care

⑥ When the baby is awake, you can look at black and white pictures to cultivate intelligence, 20 cm away from the glasses (within 0~3 months). The mother can also sing nursery rhymes to the baby to soothe the baby.#baby care

⑦ During the newborn period, feed on demand, and half of the babies will take milk every 2-3 hours.#baby care

⑧Baby care,Be sure to pay attention to the disinfection of the belly button of newborns. It is recommended to use 75% alcohol for disinfection. Use a cotton swab to disinfect the belly button. Don't just wipe the surface.#baby care



① Feed each breast for 10-15 minutes and feed for 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to feed every three hours. Try to develop a good habit of feeding on a regular basis.While caring about the baby, I hope that as a mother, you can also care about your health! The nipple is a very fragile part of the body during lactation. Improper handling may cause infection. I really don’t want this to happen to you, so I also recommend that you use some breast protectors to baby care and protect you and your child, and Go to the doctor to check your health regularly #baby care.

② Do not use vigorous shaking to coax your baby to sleep, which will affect brain development and cause slight mental retardation. If you want to coax, you can gently pat the baby's back, small, regular, gentle and soothing, about 10 minutes. ③ Babies under the full moon can lie down on their stomachs. They can be trained to raise their heads in 45 days and they can be used to tease them. Twice a day, each time for 10 seconds, each time you should not be prone for too long, and you should have an adult guarding you when you are prone. #baby care


① Your baby can sleep 1~2 times in the morning, 2 times in the afternoon, and 1~2 big nights at night.When your baby is sleeping, of course you have to prepare one or two blankets for him. If the weather is very hot, you need an ice silk muslin sleeping blanket to maintain a good body temperature for him.#baby care

If the weather is very cold, you can also choose some cotton blankets to keep him warm, but I most recommend mothers to buy a fleece blanket for your children. The reason is that the fleece has the unparalleled comfort of other materials, and the touch of the pom-pom will make the air more circulate, while maintaining a close-fitting feeling. I bring you a limited time promotion, buy one get one free for the fleece blanket, only at SuperBoris.#baby care #SuperBoris

② Feeding 6 times a day, 100~120 ml each time, feeding at 6:00, 9:30 , 13:00, 16:30, 20:00, 23:00, or according to the baby's own habits. The total daily feeding is more than 600 ml (this varies from person to person). Develop good habits for adding complementary foods .#baby care

③ Accompany your baby to pronounce a, e and other vowels to train the baby's ability to follow.#baby care

④ Massage your baby and do touch massage after bathing every day, which can effectively promote the development of the nervous system and exercise the baby's sensory system (puzzle).#baby care

⑤ Prevent the baby from sleeping with his head tilted frequently, so that the baby often changes the direction of sleep.

Because of the limited number of words, I will show you the knowledge of the baby in the rest of the stage in my blog At the same time, I will pay attention to more mothers’ problems and pay attention to your baby together with you.#baby care

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